Saturday, December 18, 2004

Tribute to 5204

My old buddy Rock Demon (real name withheld to protect the innocent) has been working on the extremely ambitious 5204 project - one song for every week of the year! As a tribute to him, I've done a cover version of one of the tunes, "Lipstick", a great song with hilarious lyrics. Check out the original first before you read on! It's #4 in the 5204 player, or if you have problems with the player, try this link.

I naturally decided to do an instrumental version, so that I didn't have to sing the x-rated lyrics, and because the tune has some killer melody lines that were fun to play! I originally intended it to have more of a 60s "garage instrumental" sound ala Link Wray/Pulp Fiction, but somehow it ended up sounding more 80s I think. (Which is the time I started playing the guitar, no escaping your roots I guess.) I managed to squeeze in a few blues licks as well:-)

And here, without further ado, is my tribute to 5204:

And just for laughs, here's the waveform graphic of my recording. Listen to the original lyrics, and see if you can find any metaphoric connection;-)

Thanks to Rock Demon for the great song, I hope you enjoy!

Cheers from per


Rock said...

Oh yeah, I'm loving this! Good work and an honour! Thanks a lot, BigNose!

Rock Demon

1:24 PM  

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