Allan Holdsworth Transcriptions

This is list of known Allan Holdsworth transcriptions. You will note that most of them are not available for download. This is partly because I don't have all of them (these are listed in italics), because I haven't gotten around to doing them yet, or because I don't want to. I'm not going to post anything from the books that are published, at least not the ones that are still available for purchase. Most of the transcriptions available here are from the magazine articles that are listed in the press section. So this is mostly a reference at this point. The list hasn't been properly updated for quite some time, so there might be more stuff published than is listed here.

TitleTranscribed byPublicationContents
10 scale charts from REH videoLuttjeboerREH booklet/Just For The Curious 
12 examples from REH video (Luttjeboer)LuttjeboerREH booklet/Just For The Curious 
5 chord/scale charts from REH videoLuttjeboerREH booklet/Just For The Curious 
5 To 10?Super GuitaristComplete
Abingdon Chasp, TheAmendolaReaching For..Melody only.
AtavachronBourdeauGP 8/90End section, 4 bars.
City NightsDave WhitehillGW 5/89Complete.
ClownKeilenp35Excerpt from solo, 1 bar.
Devil Take The HindmostMo NazamIM&RW 4/90Excerpts
Devil Take The HindmostPaul BourdeauGP 8/905 bars of mel
Devil Take The Hindmost Steve VaiGP 2/85.Solo, 1st 58 bars
Dominant PlagueKeilenp39Excerpt from melody, 3 bars.
FredAmendolaReaching For..Melody only.
Fred Scott LindenmuthGuitar World 03/82Almost complete
HomeAmendolaReaching For..Melody only.
House Of MirrorsLuttjeboerJust For The Curioustheme.
In The Dead Of Night?Super GuitaristComplete
In The MysteryHilborne"Solo"guitar solo
Individual ChoiceMo NazamIM&RW 4/90Excerpts
JoshuaMark SmallGP 3/90First solo.
Letters Of MarqueAmendolaReaching For..Melody only.
Letters Of MarqueKeilenp 39Excerpt from melody, 3 bars.
Looking GlassLuttjeboerJust For The Curious,.Theme & solo
Material Real BourdeauGP 8/9014 bar chordal part
Mental Medication?Super GuitaristComplete
Metal Fatigue BourdeauGP 8/90Short interlude, 4 bars
Metal Fatigue BourdeauGP 8/90Intro and verse, 15 bars.
Non Brewed CondimentKeilenp60Complete.
One Of A Kind (Part One)?Super GuitaristComplete
Panic Station BourdeauGP 8/90Intro, 4 bars
Proto CosmosLuttjeboerREH bookletComplete lead part.*
Pud WudKeilenp 86Complete.
Road Games?Super GuitaristComplete
Road GamesKeilenp 38Excerpt from chords, 3 bars.
SecretsKeilenp30Excerpt from solo, 4 bars
SecretsKeilenp32/33Excerpt from solo, 4 bars.
SecretsKeilenp 36Excerpt from solo, 1 bar.
Shallow Sea?Super GuitaristComplete
Shallow SeaAmendolaReaching For..Melody only.
SpokesKeilenp28Excerpt from solo, 6 bars.
SpokesKeilenp36Excerpt from solo, 2 bars.
Temporary FaultAmendolaReaching For..Melody only.
The Things You See (When You Haven’t Got Your Gun)?Super GuitaristComplete
Things You See, The BourdeauGP 8/901st 26 bars, chords
Things You See, TheLuttjeboerREH bookletComplete.*
Three Sheets To The Wind?Super GuitaristComplete
Three Sheets To The WindAmendolaReaching For..Mel only
Three Sheets To The WindKeilenp44First theme and solo
Tokyo DreamMo NazamIM&RW 4/90Excerpts
Tokyo DreamAmendolaReaching For..Melody only.
Tokyo Dream (From "Wardenclyffe Tower")?Super GuitaristComplete
Uncredited solo excerpts Jesse GressGP 2/93,9 examples.
Un-Merry-Go-Round, TheAmendolaReaching For..Melody only.
White Line  Guitar Extra 1992Complete
White LineMo NazamIM&RW 4/90Excerpts
White LineAmendolaReaching For..Melody only.
ZoneLuttjeboerJust For The Curiouscomplete

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