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Allan Holdsworth: Metal Fatigue

Guitar Player, June 1985

Tom Mulhern

Calling Holdsworth's playing "ground breaking" is an understatement: With each album, he makes quantum leaps in the chordal vocabulary, soloing technique, and tonal state of the electric guitar. And although his fingers often move at the speed of hummingbirds' wings, his dexterity shines at all tempos; a juxtaposition of singing legato and flash on "Devil Take The Hindmost" and emotive soprano-like cries of "The Un-Merry-Go-Round" illustrate his well-rounded skills, as well as his jazz-rock-unique musicality. Allan showcases startling new sounds on "Metal Fatigue," "Home," and "Panic Station, " and Jimmy Johnson's 5-string bass and Chad Wackerman's drumming provide stunning counterpoint for Holdsworth's guitar work throughout. (Bassist Gary Willis and drummer Gary Husband join for the eerie "The Un-Merry-Go-Round.") Enigma (Box 2428, El Segundo, CA 90245), 72002-1.

Transcribed by Per Stornes
Updated: February 1, 2001
Scheduled update: None

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