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What you'll find in the press section

The press section contains my collection of interviews, features, reviews, some transcriptions and other stuff that has appeared in magazine and, more recently, on the web. Most of the articles from 1985 and onward are taken from magazines I've bought myself, whereas most of the earlier material has been kindly supplied as photocopies from various sources (look for credits at the end of this page).

The list includes (almost) every article I know of, and most of them are available here. Some are not available because I don't have a copy of the article at present, but I do know they exist, because I've read them at an earlier time (some of them are hiding in a box at my folk's house hundreds of miles away...)

Unconfirmed and missing articles

Some of the articles are unconfirmed, they are listed under the "other" section. I would very much like to have this info confirmed, one way or the other. If you know anything about the article's existence, please post a message on the board. If you are indeed in possession of one of these stories, I would very much like to have a copy. This goes for any confirmed articles that are missing from the list as well! The best thing would obviously be an original copy of the magazine, but a photocopy would do very nicely, too. If you could do the job of transcribing the article and post it here, that would be very nice, as well - it would save me a lot of work! Please refer to the contact page for more info on getting in touch with me.

A note on reviews

As far as reviews are concerned: The list is probably very far from being complete, and I don't have a strong need for getting a physical copy of every review that's been published. Please transcribe the review in plain text, and post it on the message board, with a subject line such as: "Review, 16 Men Of Tain, Music Magazine, May 2000."

How I did this

The articles have been scanned by myself, using The Text Bridge Classic ocr program that came bundled with my scanner. This is probably not the best software you can get, but it was what I had available to do the job. (It seems that ocr is a fuzzy science anyway...) Some of the older articles were in less than pristine condition, which meant that I've had to spend quite a few hours proofreading. I make no warranties whatsoever for the accuracy in the material presented here. I've tried to maintain errors as they were originally printed. My intention has been to preserve the original texts as far as possible.

No pictures???

You might notice that none of the articles include pictures. The reason for this is that my first priority has been to get the text right. Second, I wanted the articles to be totally self-contained. That means that each of the articles are pure html code, without any external elements. This should also hopefully make the pages load quickly on even the most remote networks. The style elements such as fonts and colours are contained within STYLE tags in the head section of the html code. Most current browsers should read this without any problems as far as I know. Even if you have a style-challenged browser, you should be able to read the text, using your browser's standard style scheme. Please report any problems on the message board.

I might introduce a gallery section at a later stage. This would serve to document the various guitars Allan has been using through the years. Please check the main page and the message board for news on this and other matters.


Thanks to the following people for supplying source material for this site:

Martin Mycock
Phil Howitt
Kjell Arild Gundersen
Daniel Rheault
Chris Hoard

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