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Interviews and features

Publication Date Title Writer Added
Igginbottom cover 1969 Igginbottoms's Wrench: Liner notes
(graphic version)
Ronnie Scott/
Mick Jackson
disc 13/1/73 The Silent Man In Tempest Andrew Tyler 04.02.01
Melody Maker 13/1/73 Tempest's Storm Warning Chris Welch  
Melody Maker 6/7/74 Sad scene say Softs Karl Dallas 01.03.01
Beat Instrumental ??/78 Player Of The Month Uncredited 04.02.01
Sounds 13/5/78 No Anarchy In UK Hugh Fielder  
Unknown Spring 78 Any Key In The U.K. Eamonn Percival 04.02.01
Beat Instrumental ??/79 Allan Holdsworth Gary Cooper 04.02.01
Guitar Player 12/80 Allan Holdsworth Tom Mulhern 04.02.01
International Musician 08/81 Allan Holdsworth Max Kay 04.02.01
Guitar World 09/81 The Reluctant Virtuoso J.C. Costa 04.02.01
Guitar World 03/82 "Trading Licks"
"Fred" transcription (+story?)
(graphic version)
Scott Lindenmuth 04.02.01
Guitar World 11/82 No Record Contract, No Big Hoopla, Buth The Fans Have Kept The Faith For Allan Holdsworth Peter Mengaziol 04.02.01
Guitar Player 11/82 Allan Holdsworth Tom Mulhern 04.02.01
Music UK 11/83 Allan Holdsworth Max Kay 04.02.01
Musician ??/84 The Innocent Abroad Jock Baird 04.02.01
Guitar Player 2/85 Devil Take The Hindmost transcription
(graphic version)
Steve Vai 04.02.01
Guitarist 05/85 Allan Holdsworth
Crosstalk - Bill Aitken and Allan Holdsworth talk about SynthAxe (2 pages)
Neville Marten 04.02.01
downbeat 11/85 Allan Holdsworth’s New Horizons Bill Milkowski 04.02.01
Guitar Player 06/86 Allan Holdsworth: Synthaxe Tom Mulhern 04.02.01
Guitar World 06/87 Guitar Like A Saxophone Bill Milkowski 04.02.01
Guitarist 11/87 Castles Made Of Sand Neville Marten 04.02.01
Guitar World 05/89 The Unreachable Star
Axes Of God
Jimmy Johnson’s Bass Concept
Matt Resnicoff 04.02.01
Guitar World 05/89 City Nights transcription
(graphic version)
Dave Whitehill 04.02.01
Jazz Times 06/89 Guitarist's Guitarist Don Heckman 04.02.01
English Tour Program 11/89 Allan Holdsworth
Gary Husband
Jimmy Johnson
Steve Hunt
Neville Marten (editor) 04.02.01
Guitar Player 1/90 Future Of The Guitar Matt Resnicoff 04.02.01
Guitar Player 03/90 Allan Holdsworth’s Untold Secrets Matt Resnicoff 04.02.01
Guitar Player 03/90 AH’s first solo on Joshua
(graphic version)
Mark Small 04.02.01
International Musician 04/90 Avant Guitarist
Mo Nazam? N/A
Guitar Player 08/90 Finding The Uncommon Chord (Miscellaneous transcriptions)
(graphic version)
Missing page updated!
Paul Bordeaux 01.03.01
IM&RW 03/91 On The Level Mo Nazam 04.02.01
Facelift #2 (overview 76-79) Phil Howitt 04.02.01
Facelift #3 Allan Holdsworth: In The 80’s (overview) Martin Mycock 04.02.01
Guitar Player 01/92 25 Who Shook The World
(compiled quotes)
Tom Mulhern 04.02.01
Jazz Journal 05/92 The Reluctant Guitarist  Mark Gilbert 01.03.01
Guitar Extra 01/92 No Secret
(interview - updated)
White Line
(complete transcription - added)
Andy Aledort 01.03.01
Guitar World 11/92 Crunchy Sound, Right Out Of The Box Tom Mulhern  
The Guitar Magazine 12/92 Interview Extra Mo Nazam N/A
1993 Whole Guitar Book
(Musician special edition)
1993 Joe Satriani Meets Allan Holdsworth Matt Resnicoff N/A
innerviews.org 01/93 Creating Imaginary Backdrops
(Direct link. Text mirror)
Anil Prasad 04.02.01
Guitar Player 02/93 Blinded By Science
Line Games (misc. transcriptions,
graphic version)
Chris Gill Jesse Gress 04.02.01
Guitar Player 05/93 Unrewarded Geniuses (Reader's letters regarding previous article) Wayne Terdley 04.02.01
Guitar Player 11/93 California Weenie vs. Mr Terdley (Allan's response to letter) Allan Holdsworth 04.02.01
TGM 05/93 Axe Maniax Dominic Salmon 04.02.01
Atavachron web site 1994 Allan Holdsworth: An interview Chris Hoard 04.02.01
Atavachron web site 1994 Allan Holdsworth: A biography Chris Hoard 04.02.01
Guitar 07/94 Makin’ Trax Jon Chappell 04.02.01
Facelift #12 No Secrets (interview)
Phil Howitt
E Kord
Guitarist 01/96 Legends (misc. transcriptions) Adrian Clark  
www.richardhallebeek.com 05/96 Allan Holdsworth Interview(Direct link. Text mirror) Richard Hallebeek 01.03.01
Guitar Techniques 12/96 Legato Land Cliff Douse 01.03.01
MusikerMagasinet 12/96 Med Siktet Innställt På Total Kontroll (article in Swedish) Lars Reisdal N/A
How To Play Guitar 1997 Guitar Astronaut
(This is a reprint of Line Games from GP 02/93)
Jesse Gress  
Gitarre Und Basse 06/97 Allan Holdsworth Lothar Trampert 04.02.01
audiostreet.infront.co.uk 2000 Audiostreet Featured Artists
(Direct link. Text mirror)
Mike Flynn 04.02.01
www.musired.com 2000 The Sixteen Men Of Tain
(Direct link. Text mirror)
Take note that this interview is in Spanish! If anyone could help translate this properly, it would be great!
??? 04.02.01
Yamaha website 2000 DG Player Uncredited 04.02.01
www.tlms.co.uk 04/00 Allan Holdsworth in exclusive LMS interview
(Direct link. Text mirror)
Merlin Rhys Jones 04.02.01
Fuzz 05/00 Att söka det oförfalskade
(article and interview in Swedish)
??? 04.02.01
Classic Rock 05/00 A beginners guide to Andy Robson 01.03.01
Guitar Player 06/00 "Pickups" Shawn Hammond 04.02.01
Guitarist 06/00 Whisky Galore Neville Marten 04.02.01
Jazz Times 08/00 One Man Of 'Trane Bill Milkowski 04.02.01

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Publication Date Subject Writer Added
National Rock Star 18/12/76 Million Dollar Legs Mike Evans  
Guitar Player 01/77 Million Dollar Legs Don Menn 04.02.01
Beat Instrumental 06/77 Velvet Darkness P.D. 01.03.01
Beat Instrumental ??/78 UK album P.D. 04.02.01
Sounds ??/78 UK album Phil Sutcliffe 04.02.01
Sounds 20/5/78 UK gig Phil Sutcliffe 04.02.01
Sounds 1979 One Of A Kind Phil Sutcliffe 01.03.01
Sounds 05/79 Bruford, Durham gig Ian Ravendale 01.03.01
Melody Maker 4/8/79 All Star Rock Band Unknown  
Guitar Player 08/82 I.O.U.   04.02.01
Guitar Player 12/83 Road Games Tom Mulhern 04.02.01
Guitar Player 06/85 Metal Fatigue Tom Mulhern 04.02.01
downbeat 09/85 Metal Fatigue Bill Milkowski 04.02.01
Sounds 22/3/86 Metal Fatigue Paul Elliott 04.02.01
downbeat 03/87 Atavachron Bill Milkowski? 04.02.01
Guitar Player 11/87 Sand   04.02.01
Guitar Player 06/88 Radio Free Albemuth   04.02.01
Tips 10/89 Secrets Andy Pohl 04.02.01
Guitar Player 12/89 Secrets/
With A Heart...
Guitar Player 06/90 Bruford reissue   04.02.01
Guitar For... 02/87 Metal Fatigue and Atavachron   04.02.01
Guitar For... 02/90 Secrets   04.02.01
Guardian 14/1/94 Retouch John Fordham  
Guitar Player 05/94 Hard Hat Area   04.02.01

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Publication Date Subject Title Writer Added
Rolling Stone 09/78 UK on tour in the US UK humbled in USA  Jason Simon 01.03.01
"Turning Point" tour program "Turning Point" Tour - ?   04.02.01
Guitar World 01/84 AH Feature (unconfirmed existence) ? ?  
Modern Drummer 01/87 Gary Husband The Different Sides Of Gary Husband Simon Goodwin  
Guitar For The Practising Musician 04/87 AH Feature? ? Wolf Marshall  
Guitar For The Practising Musician 03/89 AH Feature? ? Wolf Marshall  
Guitarist 02/90 Jimmy Johnson Flim Star Neville Marten  

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